Laurie O’Neal

Boca Raton, Florida

I have been watching Happy Healthy Stronger since it first began airing. I find the information to be extremely helpful, and I’m surprised by how much I learn each week. Each week, I find myself incorporating something new that I have learned into my lifestyle and at 45, I can honestly say I have never felt better orbeen more fit. What I love the most about the show is the host, Linzi. I have connected to her teaching style, and find her be inspirational, compassionate and the biggest cheerleader. And her wealth of information is amazing! Linzi, I love you and I love your show. Thank you for helping me to be the best version of myself!

Katy Richards

Boca Raton, Florida

Happy Healthy Stronger is pure motivation for fitness and health enthusiasts, as well as, for the general population looking to sort out all the health information that comes their way on a daily basis!Sometimes you just don’t know what or who to listen to. The host of Happy Healthy Stronger, Linzi Martinez knows what she is talking about in the health and fitness arena. She lives the lifestyle and you can tell it is truly her passion to spread the message and help all she has the chance to reach. Her energy and charisma is simply contagious. When I have had the pleasure to be with Linzi I feel pure and genuine positive energy! As a health and fitness enthusiast and coach myself I find the information from Happy Healthy Stronger is not only informative but a reliable source all can turn to in an industry where you sometimes don’t know who or what to believe. Thank you Linzi Martinez for spreading your own knowledge and bringing reputable professionals together to spread the lifestyle of health, fitness, and wellness and keeping us all Happy Healthy and Stronger.

Todd Collura

Boca Raton, Florida

I’d like to thank Linzi, the host of Happy, Healthy, Stronger for providing such a fantastic forum to discuss the nature of my work, muscle activation techniques. Her warm and welcoming demeanor and her ability to conduct such a fantastic interview allowed her many viewers to get a glimpse into the nature of what we do on a daily basis. The staff of Muscle Activation of South Florida could not be any more thankful to HHS for allowing us to be guest on her show.Thank you Linzi!!!

Beth Zipper

Boca Raton, Florida

Linzi Martinez strives to bring innovative and factual information to her Internet viewers. Linzi has a talent for bringing out the best from her TV show guests. Her audience learns factual information from local health professionals as well as the newest food trends from local restaurant owners. Linzi exudes enthusiasm and energy in everything she does. Her show provides valuable information to the community in a fun format. Linzi is a Boca hidden treasure.

Kim Brown

Boca Raton, Florida

First, let me tell you how much I love, love your show Happy Healthy Stronger! I have been a loyal follower and watch the show weekly. The information that you are sharing is so vital, and everyone needs to know about your subjects but no one seems to be sharing but you! When you asked me to be on the show I was flattered and honored. Being on your show was amazing! You immediately made me feel right at home and comfortable. You made the whole experience which I was very nervous about – super fun and easy! I am a huge fan and supporter! Keep sharing your message. I love your heart!!

Heidi Larson

Delray Beach, Florida

I wanted to share with you that I set a reminder every Tuesday to watch “Happy, Healthy, Stronger” and most times my husband watches with me. Every week Linzi is so enthusiastic and is such a great teacher to us.We have learned so much from this show. We now have different views on nutrition and healthy eating. I trust Linzi completely and know that she has the upmost integrity. I have no hesitation to use any of the products or companies that are showcased because I know that the research has been done and everything is legitimate. I can feel thelove that is put into this show and anyone that is a part of it, I feel, is truly blessed. I now feel happy, healthy and stronger becauseof you and I thank you!

Frank Papandrea

Boca Raton, Florida

Asan avid watcher of Happy Healthy Stronger; and someone who works out every day; Linzi Martinez has a knowledge of nutrition that has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Linzi communicates the educational information in a simple, clear way. Her skill as a host of the show is inviting, friendly, energetic, and mostof all, believable.Her skills as a producer of the show are amazing. She is passionate about the subjects chosen which do not overwhelm the viewer but still communicate the importance of health and nutrition. As a fitness enthusiast and former brand manager I am familiar with message consistency. Linzi is on message for every show and overall brand presence recognition is communicated to the consumer and effectively associated with the product. The brand recall and awareness are enhanced through her effective communication skills.

Mary Evert

Boca Raton, Florida

Happy Healthy Stronger is something I look forward to watching each week! Linzi Martinez is the perfect host in that she is bright, enthusiastic, and truly cares about helping her audience live more vibrant, healthy lives. I know Linzi personally, so I can attest to her authentic heart and true pursuit of helping others. Linzi not only “talks the talk” but she “walks the walk” which makes her a trusted source. Each week, on HHS, Linzi relays information that is pertinent and relatable. It’s one thing to offer healthy tips but it’s equally as meaningful to explain how each nugget of valuable information can be usedand put into action in one’s daily life.This is where Linzi and HHS really shine! I’m so grateful to be amongst the HHS community and be able to trust Linzi as a source for health and support.

Jason S.Silverman

Boca Raton, Florida

Linzi has been my trainer for many years. I was not surprised when she launched Happy, Healthy, Stronger because those words perfectly describe her personality and character. I started watching the show on wrpbitv.comand love how it and pays homage to the local businesses that promote health and wellness. As a host, trainer, and health wizard, she stands at the top.

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