About Fitspace

As the proud Brand Ambassador of Fitspace, a Boutique style fitness facility chain (36 worldwide), I have produced, written, and directed their commercials and 18 other videos highlighting their unique classes and the amazing benefits of their incredible equipment and instructors. I have hosted and guided our community to their various events and created social media campaigns to drive awareness and traffic to their locations. I have traveled and attended conventions in representation.
I created the social media campaign “The Body Series”; a series of 20 videos highlighting how to sculpt and build each body part using the Fitspace training method. The campaign strategically utilized our community members as our cast, and I was able to gain sponsorship from our local businesses in support of their events.
With all products, brands or services that I represent and use, it is of the utmost importance that I not only fully believe in the company, but that I have myself, used, tried and gained the knowledge that my audience will also reap the benefits. I simply share the information that I know to be beneficial and will add value to their lives. I have a trusted, loyal and very beautiful following that I cherish, and respect and I have never compromised this trust allowing for a pure marketing campaign that is real, engaging and loving.