BOCA VOICE: Boca guru touts life begins at 50 TV show for women on Saturday

Linzi Martinez is excited and who could blame her. The fitness and wellness guru’s about to debut a TV episode showing women that life really does begin at 50.

“Wisdom, confidence and experience,” Martinez said about “The Prime Time,” to air at 12:30 p.m. June 29 on CBS 12.“This will show women in their 50s how to become more than they ever thought possible.”

Why this subject? Why now?

Women come to her with the same problems at that stage of life, said Martinez, a fit and energetic 51.

Lower libido. Hot flashes. Weight gain. Sagging skin. Even incontinence.

So Martinez collaborated with Emmy nominated producer Debra Koerner, aka Debra K, to co-produce and co-host. They gathered a group of local women, then interviewed experts to address their concerns.

Among them is Dr. Brazelia Lazzari, a Boca anti-aging specialist and Dr. Gadith Gabel.

“Women of this age have more time and more income,” Martinez said. They may have raised a family and can be all in for their own ambitions.

She should know. Martinez has three kids from 17 to 22 and moved here as a single mom. She didn’t start her career as a personal trainer, nutritionist and photographer until she was in her 40s.

In May, her Happy Healthy Stronger series was named Best Documentary and Best Host at the International Film Festival for Web Series. HBO, Paramount Studios and Viacom staff were among the judges.

She hopes this new pilot will lead to a series. “We have to be proud of our age,” she said with a great big grin.

By Marci Shatzman

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