About Linzi

Linzi Martinez

Linzi Martinez is an award-winning executive producer, host and the creator of the Happy Healthy Stronger Makeover currently airing on WBTVN on Apple TV, RUKU, NBC, CBS, ABC, Direct TV and more. www.happyhealthystrongermakeover.com. She is a nutritional therapist and a celebrity personal trainer and the founder of the wellness company HHSTV. She is a published author featured in publications such as Women’s Fitness Magazine, https://womenfitness.net/magazine/nov-dec18-jaclyn-stapp.pdf. And Lifestyle Magazine, https://go.epublish4me.com/ebook/html/10097799#.W9YSi-JReM8 .

She is also the founder and CEO of the athletic wear clothing line “Body on Fire” Debuting this summer – Linzi continues to arm her listeners, viewers and followers with the knowledge to live a happy, healthy stronger life. She’s made it her life’s mission to educate, captivate, and motivate her listeners, clients, and viewers with to live their life feeling ridiculously Alive!